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A Formidable Stable Of Law Firms For DeSantis’ “Culture War”

Four galloping horses, with two trick riders, each standing with one leg on the saddle of two horses.

Four law firms, including the firm where Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis once worked as a litigator, have received at least $16.7 million to wage […]

Putative Privacy Class Action May Proceed, Says New York Court

A putative class action against fashion designer Louis Vuitton North America Inc. in connection with its website’s eyeglass “Virtual Try-On” feature will continue after […]

The Diciest Of Corporate Governance Issues

Symbolic illustration: two figures in a dimly lit space shing a searchlight at a stairwell leading upwards.

They’ve gotten more expensive and the range of issues spawning them has grown wider, according to a post from law firm Farella Braun+Martel. Alleged […]

DHS Official To In-House Lawyers: Don’t Be “Risk-Averse” About Reporting Cyber Attacks

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Too many in-house counsel yield to an “ingrained, cultural risk aversion” and fail to report cyber attacks, says a senior official with the U.S. […]

State Law And Video Surveillance Of The Workplace

Close-up of a 360 degree installed camera with a long warehouse aisle out of focus in the background.

Employers cite many reasons for subjecting employees to video surveillance. Among them, says a post from the Bradley law firm, are insuring employee safety, […]

Health Care Co, Under Scrutiny For Overbilling, Is Big Donor To State AG

Silhouette of businessman with briefcase, with swirls of iconic money images revolving around his head, and a question mark above his head.

A healthcare company in the process of settling “Medicaid billing issues” with the state of Georgia has been a major donor to the re-election […]

Missing Inventory Insurance Claims Are On The Rise. Expect Them To Be Challenged.

Two men walking through a warehouse, one man in a dress shirt the other with a worker's high-visibility vest.

A post from Claims Journal observes that businesses stressed by inflation may be more prone to seek coverage where it isn’t warranted – in […]

Spouse Trouble: The Supreme Court’s Lax Recusal Rules

A two-person canoe, with the persons back to back and each paddling in a different direction.

A post from Politico makes a case that the current ethical rules for the U.S. Supreme Court are woefully deficient, in particular with regard […]

ADA “Shakedown” Lawsuit Dismissed In CA

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A lawsuit filed earlier this year by the district attorneys of Los Angeles and San Francisco accused a San Diego law firm of making […]

Time To End The Taboo On “Worst-Case” Climate Scenarios

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A post in the online publication Inside Climate News suggests it’s time for scientists and others, including politicians and risk managers, to quit walking […]