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An Unprecedented Tin Cup From Lloyd’s List

An oil tanker that has been rotting in the Red Sea off the coast of war-ravaged Yemen since 2017 is in danger of breaking […]

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The New DOJ Incentives To “Self-Disclose”

In highly publicized remarks that he delivered at his alma mater, Georgetown Law, the DOJ official in charge of the criminal division was emphatic […]

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A Formidable Stable Of Law Firms For DeSantis’ “Culture War”

Four law firms, including the firm where Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis once worked as a litigator, have received at least $16.7 million to wage […]

Putative Privacy Class Action May Proceed, Says New York Court

A putative class action against fashion designer Louis Vuitton North America Inc. in connection with its website’s eyeglass “Virtual Try-On” feature will continue after […]

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The Diciest Of Corporate Governance Issues

They’ve gotten more expensive and the range of issues spawning them has grown wider, according to a post from law firm Farella Braun+Martel. Alleged […]

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DHS Official To In-House Lawyers: Don’t Be “Risk-Averse” About Reporting Cyber Attacks

Too many in-house counsel yield to an “ingrained, cultural risk aversion” and fail to report cyber attacks, says a senior official with the U.S. […]

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State Law And Video Surveillance Of The Workplace

Employers cite many reasons for subjecting employees to video surveillance. Among them, says a post from the Bradley law firm, are insuring employee safety, […]

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Health Care Co, Under Scrutiny For Overbilling, Is Big Donor To State AG

A healthcare company in the process of settling “Medicaid billing issues” with the state of Georgia has been a major donor to the re-election […]

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Missing Inventory Insurance Claims Are On The Rise. Expect Them To Be Challenged.

A post from Claims Journal observes that businesses stressed by inflation may be more prone to seek coverage where it isn’t warranted – in […]

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Spouse Trouble: The Supreme Court’s Lax Recusal Rules

A post from Politico makes a case that the current ethical rules for the U.S. Supreme Court are woefully deficient, in particular with regard […]