Climbing the Legal Department Ladder

Planning for the General Counsel’s Departure

business person walking on road

For many general counsel, succession planning is either a low priority or is unnecessary. However, the point of a succession plan isn’t just about a […]

General Counsel Benefit by Partnering With Legal Ops

Percentage of the Fortune 100 with and without legal ops

Forward-looking general counsel, along with those lawyers on the road to general counsel, are adopting legal operations as a key component of their strategic plan. […]

Communication Is Key for General Counsel

Communication is key for General Counsel

Recent columns addressed how general counsel can effectively partner with their peers in the C-Suite. A common thread was open communication and connecting. With that […]

Strengthening the GC-CMO Relationship

Strengthening the GC-CMO Relationship

All companies are in the business of marketing to other businesses or directly to consumers. As the general counsel or chief legal officer, building your […]

The General Counsel, the CFO and the Numbers

Pandemic Primes Law Departments for a New Normal

Most lawyers recall a day in law school that went something like this: The torts professor is discussing damages for a case, puts a bunch […]

The Power of a Strong GC/CHRO Relationship

The Power of a Strong GC/CHRO Relationship

As companies formed crisis response teams to address the pandemic, the general counsel and the chief human resource officer were front and center. Teleworking, and […]