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Pull Out Your Crystal Ball for 2023 Collaboration Data in Ediscovery Predictions

Jim Gill says it’s the time of the year for Hanzo to predict the future of collaboration data in ediscovery for 2023. Collaboration messaging […]

T-Mobile Announces 37 Million Accounts Hacked in Its Eighth Data Breach

T-Mobile has revealed that a threat actor had stolen personal information from 37 million customer accounts through one of its Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). […]

The Emperor’s New Clothes, or Is the Value You Bring to Your Clients Invisible

Believe it or not, the fairy tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes” is relevant to today’s law firms and legal departments. If you don’t remember […]

Avoid a Tower of Babel When Managing a Cyber Crisis

Although cyberattacks have become more common, incident response is still a stressful and hectic process. Cooperation between management and tech teams can be complex and […]

Can Technology Be a Business and Innovation Enabler for Change-Resistant Legal Departments?

Company leaders are reexamining their operational systems to increase agility, resilience, and responsiveness, but true company-wide transformation won’t happen until corporate legal departments adopt […]

Mayer Brown Preview: Technology, Privacy, Cybersecurity & IP (Europe And The US)

A cubist-style illustration of a man with several arms that appear to be reaching out to various icons of technology- gears, computer screens, light bulbs, etc.

A look at the year ahead compiled by a group of Mayer Brown attorneys, many of them from the firm’s London office. The focus […]

Does the $400 Million DPC Decision Against Meta Take “Necessity” into Account?

Meta kicked off the New Year with a fine of over $400 million levied by the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) for breaching EU privacy […]

Is It Too Late to Enact Laws for Chat GPT?

Most machine learning algorithms are based on identifying patterns of data and replicating them, but generative AI (such as Chat GPT) can imitate a […]

Legal Ops and CISO Should Cooperate on Cyber Resilience

Currently, there is a lot of pressure on corporate security leaders to do more with less while facing more scrutiny and accountability for the […]

How In-House Counsel Can Use Legal Analytics

The rapidly growing area of legal data analytics provides in-house counsel with powerful tools when a disputed insurance claim becomes a legal matter. Legal analytics […]