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Woman with possibly a head covering, presumably a health care staff person, sitting and looking distraught before a computer screen with a not quite legible but alarming looking message on the screen.

Ransomware Attack? What The FBI Can Do For You.

According to a senior FBI official, healthcare was the number one target for ransomware attacks last year, followed by manufacturing and government, including schools. […]

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Risk Oversight On The Director’s Plate

The Caremark decision in the Delaware Court of Chancery Court (1996) set a high bar for assigning personal liability to directors with regard to […]

Cloud Computing — Is It for Everyone?

More and more companies are turning to the cloud to leverage its scalability, cost savings, security, and flexibility benefits. With cloud computing, users store […]

Better Questions Generate Better Answers

“Building an inquisitive culture involves a combination of what and how,” Columbia Business School’s Christopher Frank, Oded Netzer, and Paul F. Magnone remind us […]

BIPA Decision May Open Employers Up to Colossal Damages

In a decision on February 17, 2023, the Supreme Court of Illinois held that claims under the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) accrue […]

Are Current Data Privacy Laws Prescriptive Enough?

In a Help Net Security interview, Bill Tolson, Vice President of Compliance and eDiscovery at Archive360, discusses how to ensure that privacy is built into […]

Knowledge Management: The Symbiotic Relationship Between AI and Humans

The potential for artificial intelligence (AI) to play a role in supporting knowledge management (KM) activities is attracting considerable interest, with AI being identified […]

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SEC Hardball In Recent Video Game Enforcement Action

A Securities and Exchange Commission enforcement action against behemoth gaming company Activision is based on an expansive reading of at least one, and possibly […]

High Standard For Unconscionable Arbitration Contracts

AI Touted For One-Stop-Shop Trademark Work

An article in Bloomberg Law suggests AI could allow trademark attorneys to add an additional service that would make them more of a one-stop-shop, […]

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ESG Unpacked: It’s A Political Firecracker.

The acronym ESG (“environmental, social, and governance”) has become a shorthand term for social responsibility and a “nebulous concept with no clear limits,” say […]