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NLRB Puts New Limits On Severance Agreements

With only one dissent, the National Labor Relations Board, in McLaren Macomb, held that employers cannot offer severance agreements that include broad confidentiality and […]

IP Consequences of Asset Sales in Bankruptcy

A recent decision from the Southern District of New York illustrates how the bankruptcy of a licensee can impact the rights of a licensor […]

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Risk Oversight On The Director’s Plate

The Caremark decision in the Delaware Court of Chancery Court (1996) set a high bar for assigning personal liability to directors with regard to […]

Delaware Opinion Extends Directors Duty To Officers

In a recent opinion, a Delaware Court of Chancery ruled that the fiduciary duty of oversight recognized for corporate directors applies equally, and in […]

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Whipsaw Continues For CA Mandatory Arbitration Law

The circuitous path of a controversial California law – one that’s regarded as a boon by labor rights advocates and is favored by most […]

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SEC Hardball In Recent Video Game Enforcement Action

A Securities and Exchange Commission enforcement action against behemoth gaming company Activision is based on an expansive reading of at least one, and possibly […]

Feuding Plaintiffs Attorneys Will Be Co-Counsel

A class action filed by consumers who contend that Facebook (META) exploited user data to maintain its market power is being heard by U.S. […]

How To Get a 19 % Return On Your Investment

Jonathan Stroud is General Counsel at Unified Patents, an organization adverse to litigation-funded entities. In a guest post about patent-assertion financing in PatentlyO, he […]

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Private Equity Firms Advised To Revisit Their Insurance Profile

Under renewed scrutiny from the SEC, the risk profile of private equity firms has expanded dramatically and as a result their insurance programs likely […]

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A Maze Of Regulations, A Flurry Of Lawsuits, A Fount Of Liability

At more than a hundred pages, the U.S. Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Outlook and Review – 2023, from law firm Gibson Dunn, is a […]