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Mayer Brown Preview: Technology, Privacy, Cybersecurity & IP (Europe And The US)

A cubist-style illustration of a man with several arms that appear to be reaching out to various icons of technology- gears, computer screens, light bulbs, etc.

A look at the year ahead compiled by a group of Mayer Brown attorneys, many of them from the firm’s London office. The focus […]

A Formidable Stable Of Law Firms For DeSantis’ “Culture War”

Four galloping horses, with two trick riders, each standing with one leg on the saddle of two horses.

Four law firms, including the firm where Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis once worked as a litigator, have received at least $16.7 million to wage […]

5G’s Predicted “Fourth Industrial Revolution” Includes Big Cyber-Risk

A modern cityscape from low altitude, with sky and mountains in the background, and imposed virtual lines connecting everything.

It would be hard to overstate the promise of 5G communications. It’s exponentially faster and comes with lower “latency” than 4G, and will  bring […]

Expected Increase In Legal Malpractice Claims

Cartoon of a smiling stick figure in holding a drill after drilling a hole in his own boat.

A Georgia attorney with a legal malpractice specialty reports that malpractice carriers are expecting to see a claims uptick. Historical factors fueling this trend […]

The Looming Threat Of Data Breach Class Actions

Stylized design/illustration of angry or dissatisfied oval faces.

A post from law firm Quinn Emanuel begins with a parade of horribles, listing some of the painful consequences suffered by companies that get […]

The Complex Anatomy Of Cyber Insurance

A drawing based on the famous DaVinci rending of a human form, arms outstretched, with a kind of geometic circle.

Cyber liability insurance, often discussed as if there is a general understanding of what it entails, has many variations. There is no “one-size-fits-all blanket […]

Million Dollar Fine In First Ever CCPA Settlement

Two stick figures sitting across from each other at a table, discussing money.

The first settlement ever under the California Consumer Privacy Act requires cosmetics retailer Sephora to pay $1.2 million in penalties. Sephora will also need […]

Lloyd’s Bulletin Y5381 Has The Market In A Tizzy

Regro illustration of crowd, probably late 18th C London, crowding around looking at the news.

Issued on August 16, with the title “State backed cyber-attack exclusions,” Lloyd’s Market Bulletin Ref: Y5381 says in part that all cyber-attack policies falling […]

Dangerous Hybrid: “Psychological” Cyber Crime

Two symmetical shadowy male figures, out of focus, facing each other and gesturing as if talking to each other.

Sophisticated cyber-engineering skills are not required. At work here is a new iteration of an old archetype, the con artist who “cajoles, flatters, feigns […]

$600K Phishing Attack Not Covered By Computer Fraud Policy

Image of human figure on a compouter screen, as he is pulling a rope attached to an envelope that is imaged on an adjacent computer screen.

The operative term for what happened to a company called SJ Computers is a BEC  (“business email compromise”) attack, sometimes just called a spear […]