Trump Clobbers Niece In NY Court

Somewhat abstract illustration of judge's gavel striking a surface.

From the opening sentence, the complaint in Mary Trump’s case against Donald Trump and two of his siblings is a compelling read: “For Donald […]

Black Lives Matter Ripped By Litigation

Simple line drawing: cloud split by lightening bolt with two drops of rain falling from the cloud.

A group representing local Black Lives Matter chapters has sued the LA-based national fund raising arm of the movement in a dispute that’s said […]

Could Liberal Panic Over Pending SCOTUS Case Help Trump Steal The Next Election?

Exaggerated illustration of man shocked and alarmed at what he sees on his computer screen.

Many commentators are misunderstanding – and overstating – the potential consequences of the pending Supreme Court decision in Moore v Harper, according to analyst […]

Lawyers, Journalists Sue CIA & Pompeo, Claim Their Phones Were Stripped

Demonstrators with masks at a demonstration in support of Assange, his photo faintly visible on a sign in the background.

The CIA and its former director Mike Pompeo are being sued by journalists and attorneys who claim data was exfiltrated from their phones when […]

Insurance Issues Around Dobbs

Following Dobbs, the Supreme Court’s anti-abortion ruling, many companies are offering benefits to employees who cross state lines to get an abortion. That raises […]

The Most Lucrative Form Of Contraband

What is the most lucrative smuggling trade? Guns? Cocaine? No, neither. Parrots and other rare birds are far more lucrative contraband, according to a […]

Worker’s Comp Fraud

Joanne Florek, an upstate New York resident, was arraigned recently on eight felony counts for allegedly swindling Workers’ Compensation out of more than $80,000, […]

You Don’t Pay Me Enough To Sign That Document

In May, Glencore resolved a Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violation with a plea agreement that requires its Chief Compliance Officer to certify its compliance […]

The Algorithm Made Me Do It

Six years ago an investigative report revealed that Facebook let housing marketers exclude African Americans and others from seeing some of their advertisements, a […]


An appeals court in Ohio has partially upheld a finding of contempt of court against a lawyer who pulled down his mask to speak […]