holiday office party

Easy on the Booze, No Flirting, Weed Is Still Illegal—Let’s Party!

The holiday season is almost here, and many employers intend to make it merry by hosting holiday parties for the first time since the […]

creating careful wording

Careful Wording Makes for Broad Fintech Patent Claims

Patents are made of words, and the claims of a patent define its scope: the invention/activities that others are legally excluded from practicing. During […]

legal center of excellence

Creating a World-Class Legal Center of Excellence

The legal industry is awakening to the critical need to transform the way it works. The need for cost control, increased productivity, risk mitigation […]

making a sandwich at fast food restaurant

No-Poach Agreements and Antitrust

No-poach agreements are very much in the antitrust news recently. The Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission have challenged several such agreements, […]

Greenwashing in Canada

Greenwashing Just Got More Expensive in Canada

Whenever you highlight the environmental attributes of a product or service, the risk of “greenwashing” — making false, misleading or unsupported environmental claims — […]

remote work

Remote Work: Fall 2022 Survey

Remote work is one of the most debated questions in the corporate world right now. We surveyed in-house counsel across a range of industries to […]

Developing a Non-Compete Implementation Strategy

Developing a Non-Compete Implementation Strategy

If your business does not have non-compete agreements in place but would like to develop one, what are the options and best practices you […]