Supreme Court Should Address Ambiguous Federal Pleading Standards

The predominant factor driving litigation costs today is e-discovery. In a recent study analyzing the cost of litigation across 57 large cases, the RAND […]

Over Preservation is a Self-Imposed Sanction

Data preservation is the foundation of a defensible e-discovery process. When a party is sanctioned for e-discovery mistakes, it usually involves failing to preserve […]

Using Analytics to Clean Out the Esi Garage

As time passes and we acquire more “stuff,” it gets harder to winnow down our possessions. Who longs to spend the weekend cleaning the […]

Noose is Tightening Around Abstract Business Method Patents

In Alice Corp. V. CLS Bank, the Supreme Court ruled that an abstract idea – in this case, use of a neutral intermediary party […]

Arbitration Trends 2014

How in-house attorneys use, and don’t use, the process.