Drafting BYOD Policies

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is ubiquitous in many industries, but allowing employees to retain confidential company information on personal […]

A Global Look at Managing Extremism in the Workplace

Recent acts of terrorism in the name of religion in France, England and other countries, along with demonstrations and protests […]

“Sex” In Title VII

Gender norms are rapidly breaking down. As millennials join the workforce, they bring changed attitudes with them. Ironically, the law […]

Managing Corporate Data in the Era of Mobile Tech and the Internet of Things

The increase in data has serious legal implications for American businesses in the areas of data security, e-discovery, and recordkeeping. […]

Q&A on E-Discovery

The increased use of technology in the workplace has added to the complexity of e-discovery. Relevant, discoverable information may be […]

Protecting Client Data When Traveling

Critical data should never be stored solely on mobile devices. It must be stored at a secure location so that […]

Combine AI and Human Expertise for Effective Trademarking

AI offers important advantages for trademark research. Properly implemented, it can be used to automate complex cognitive tasks and increase […]

Self-Reporting FCPA Violations

In April 2016, the Fraud Section of the U.S. Department of Justice’s Criminal Division introduced a Foreign Corrupt Practice Act […]

Message-Managing in a Crisis: Lessons from a PR Disaster

Corporations and other large organizations are smart to establish their own virtual “Situation Room” response teams, who swing into action […]

Conducting Privileged Internal Investigations

In-house attorneys receiving a whistleblower complaint, government inquiry or other alert must decide whether and how to conduct an internal […]

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