Exaggerated illustration of man shocked and alarmed at what he sees on his computer screen.

Could Liberal Panic Over Pending SCOTUS Case Help Trump Steal The Next Election?

Many commentators are misunderstanding – and overstating – the potential consequences of the pending Supreme Court decision in Moore v Harper, according to analyst […]

A line of hardcopy files in the process of falling, ldomino-like.

Warning: It’s Time To Centralize U.S. Cyber Defense

Currently the U.S. has dozens of agencies and committees whose charge is cybersecurity. Among the entities currently working on cyber defense are the Department […]

From portico of Supreme Court, Capital viewedin the distance.

Is Clarence Thomas Married To A Conflict Of Interest?

Writing in the New Yorker, Jane Mayer makes the case without quite stating the conclusion, quoting experts like Bruce Green, a Fordham professor specializing […]

Image from Escher: the stairways that turn in on themselves.

Don’t Count On Rule Of Law To Keep The U.S. From Falling Apart

Many first learned of the mathematician and logician Kurt Gödel through a book titled Gödel, Escher, Bach, which was a best seller in its […]

Prosecutors Are Closing In On Trump – Aren’t They?

The office of New York Attorney General Letitia James announced last week that its investigation of Donald Trump “is no longer purely civil in […]

Dissecting Supreme Court Opinions to See How They are Reached

In a post on Scotusblog, Adam Feldman delves into the notoriously opaque process by which the most important decisions in the legal system are […]

Eschew the Federalist Society, Says Former Federal Judge

James P. Donohue, a former federal judge, recalls that the parties before him were often at the low point of their lives, but one […]

Consumers Deserve a Piece of the Action That Their Data Generates

Mike Nelson, the VP of IoT Security at DigiCert, asks, what is the end result of the accessibility of so much consumer data gathered […]

A Liberal Swallows The SCOTUS Gerrymander Decision

In his take on the Court’s decision in Rucho v. Common Cause, an Atlantic magazine contributing editor echoes Winston Churchill’s famous remark about democracy […]

Is Censoring Terrorists On The Internet Counterproductive?

Monitoring and taking down terrorist internet content is generally viewed as sound defensible policy, with the main problems being the sheer quantity of material […]