recent rulings

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Thole v. U.S. Bank, N.A. was a 2020 Supreme Court case about when people have standing to sue. James Thole and Sherry Smith sued […]

Vegans Not Deceived By Impossible Burger, Judge Rules

Last November self-described vegan Phillip Williams filed a proposed class action against Burger King on behalf of himself and all vegans, alleging that the […]

EU Court Rules Data Transfer Act Invalid

The EU’s top court has ruled that Privacy Shield, an agreement that allows thousands of companies to transfer data to the United States, is […]

High Court References Consumer Perception In Big Trademark Case

Writing in SCOTUSblog, Jessica Litman analyzes the Supreme Court’s decision. When, a travel company, tried to register its domain name as a […]

Supreme Court Decision Means Smaller Whistleblower Awards

The Supreme Court’s decision in Liu v. Securities and Exchange Commission rejected the argument that the SEC could never obtain disgorgement of profits from […]

More Groups Support Adding Justices to the Supreme Court

The movement on the left to pack the Supreme Court is gaining momentum. Some evidence that the Court has taken notice came in the […]

Rulings on Blockbuster Issues Expected Soon

Decisions on polarizing issues before the Supreme Court will come in quick succession in the next few weeks. One will decide whether Title VII […]

Supreme Court Rejects Challenge to Bar Association Membership Requirement

The Justices of the Supreme Court didn’t add any new cases to their merits docket for the fall. They failed to act on cases […]

Law Professor Accused Of Rape Wins Million Dollar Defamation Case

A University of Minnesota law professor who had been accused by a woman of raping her in a startlingly violent encounter has won more […]

Polls Show Waning Support for the Supreme Court As Presently Constituted

A Marquette School of Law survey found that 52 percent of “very conservative” respondents have high confidence in the Supreme Court, compared to 31 […]