Right To Work Law Repealed

Michigan has repealed its right to work law effective March 30th, the first state to do so in decades. Writing on the Barnes & […]

CII Charges SEC With Weakening Investors’ Power

The Council of Institutional Investors is raising the alarm about the SEC’s Sept. 23rd approval of fundamental changes that will deprive many shareholders of […]

One Issue Trump & Biden Agree On, And It Could Spell Trouble For Internet Giants

A report from the non-partisan Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) compares the two candidates’ positions on a range of technology-related issues, and it finds […]

“Disturbing Images”: A Beleaguered Content Moderator Sues YouTube

The same lawyer who won a $52 million settlement earlier this year for a Facebook employee is representing a woman who did similar content […]

Bill-Collecting Law Firm Sued Over Court Debts

A firm that is one of the nation’s largest collectors of debt owed to municipalities and other government entities has been sued for what […]


Tesla Wins In Ruling Vs Ex-Employee

In the latest turn in a protracted legal battle, a federal judge dismissed a defamation claim by a former Tesla employee, while allowing the company’s trade secrets case…

Recovering From A Ransomware Attack

More than half of businesses were hit by a ransomware attack in 2019, at an estimated total cost of $11.5 billion. That’s per a […]

Elevator Repairmen Allege Years Of Blatant Racism On The Job

It’s inherently dangerous work, but when it also includes confronting things like “noose” graffiti, the n-word scrawled playfully backwards, racist insults and clueless or […]

Utah’s Newly Appointed Solicitor General May Face Court Sanctions, After Intervening In A Class Action.

Utah’s incoming solicitor general got a stern rebuke and a threat of sanctions from a federal magistrate in a matter that had nothing to […]

Law Prof: Private Sector Taking The Lead On Climate Action

With government failing to act or denying a problem exists, major players in the private sector are taking the lead in trying to mitigate […]