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SEC Said To Be Hedging On Proposed Climate-Disclosure Rule

Composed illustration, front view of a guy holding a globe-like image marked "CO2," and with iconic little images representing green endeavors surrounding it.

Concerned about a potential barrage of lawsuits, SEC Commissioner Gary Gensler is considering backing off on pending climate-action disclosure requirements. That’s per a Politico […]

Shell Oil Board Of Directors Sued In UK Court

Shell oil tank truck on an airport runway.

UK non-profit ClientEarth has sued company directors at oil giant Shell PLC, alleging the company is not acting in the best interest of its […]

Insuring AI-Based Financial Trading

Close up rendering of a hand holding a marker over a graph with a number of colored lines already drawn on it.

It’s a brave new world for insurers, says a post from Sarah Abrams, Head of Professional Liability Claims at Bowhead Specialty, as AI is […]

Party Hangover: Potential Executive Liability In McDonald’s Case

Woman looking at viewer. Her face is somewhat blurry, but here hand is in focus, held up palm forward, as if to say "no."

A judge in Delaware’s Court of Chancery has refused to dismiss a shareholder derivative lawsuit alleging that a former HR executive breached his fiduciary […]

DOJ’s “Lackluster” Win In A Labor Antitrust Case

Constructed Illustration showing, in front view, a guy with suit holding within his cupped hands icon representations of human figures, presumptively "employees."

In a case brought under the Sherman Act, the Department of Justice has entered into a deferred prosecution agreement with the regional manager of […]

An Unprecedented Tin Cup From Lloyd’s List

Icon-like illustration of a an oil tanker, in white silhouette with a gash on the side leaking oil, on a black backround.

An oil tanker that has been rotting in the Red Sea off the coast of war-ravaged Yemen since 2017 is in danger of breaking […]

Proposed Framework To Address AI Risk Released By NIST

A ghostly image of the mythical lady holding the scales of justice, comprised of white zeros and ones on a black background.

The initial version of its Artificial Intelligence Risk Management Framework (AI RMF 1.0) has been released by the National Institute of Standards and Technology […]

SCOTUS Backs Off On A Privilege Case, Leaving A Major Cyber Risk Question Unresolved

Judge wearing black robe, viewed from the rear.

In a rarely invoked procedural move, two weeks after hearing oral arguments in a case involving attorney-client privilege, the Court decided to dismiss the […]

The New DOJ Incentives To “Self-Disclose”

White silhouette of front-facing man in suit next to stark black and white stylized illustration of a document.

In highly publicized remarks that he delivered at his alma mater, Georgetown Law, the DOJ official in charge of the criminal division was emphatic […]

Corporate DEI Programs Under Attack

Illustration of multi-colored silhouette faces in profile.

Corporate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs have been targeted by lawsuits for years, but plaintiff strategies have evolved, says a post from law […]