Best Practices for Streamlining M&A

Most M&A activity is conducted using processes that do not take advantage of current technology. Deal attorneys and legal analysts rely on spreadsheets-based checklists […]

Supreme Court Changing Where You Can Be Sued

In three decisions over the past five years, the Supreme Court has curtailed the power of courts over out-of-state and international defendants by restricting […]

The Most Saturated Legal Market in the World

One of the most prominent characteristics of the Israeli legal market is the sheer number of attorneys, one for every 160 people, making it […]

Delivering Client Value With Technology

Beyond managing legal matters, in-house counsel must understand their larger role in driving revenue to the business. This requires an investment of time to […]

Third Party Workplace Compliance Investigations

All major corporations have HR departments and policies to combat workplace discrimination and harassment, yet the impact of the #MeToo movement and its consequences […]

GDPR One Year Later

One year ago, the EU’s GDPR went into effect. The increased focus on privacy has led regulators to consider whether their laws should follow […]

A Few Rules of Thumb About Press Releases

Like public reports filed with the SEC, press releases can draw the attention of regulators and the plaintiffs’ bar. Treat social media posts with […]

What General Counsel Should Ask Tax Directors

Since tax departments report up through the finance rather than legal function in most companies, it is easy for chief legal officers to be […]

Responding to Surge in Fraudulent USPTO Specimens

The USPTO has recently seen a surge in fraudulent trademark applications relying on digitally altered specimens of use. Rather than providing an image of […]

In-House Counsel Control of Technology and Review

In-house litigation counsel are faced with the dilemma of how to do more with less, and at a lower cost. Some are managing these […]