digital transformation concept, digital butterfly emerging from device

How to Effectively Upskill GCs for Digital Transformation Projects

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to dominate news cycles, emergent technologies are hitting the market as never before. Couple that […]

remote work

Remote Work: Fall 2022 Survey

Remote work is one of the most debated questions in the corporate world right now. We surveyed in-house counsel across a […]

After Crippling Colonial Pipeline Cyber Attack, Industry Still Resists Incident Reporting Requirements

Following the recent Colonial Pipeline ransom attack, there is a push in Congress for new pipeline security legislation, but the […]

The Fraught Post-Pandemic Transition For Employers

The ninth annual employer survey from labor and employment firm Littler finds that employers transitioning to a post-pandemic workplace are […]

Remote Work, Employee Well-Being And COVID-19

The COVID pandemic has been a catalyst for changes in the workplace, none more consequential than the increase in remote […]

Polls Show Waning Support for the Supreme Court As Presently Constituted

A Marquette School of Law survey found that 52 percent of “very conservative” respondents have high confidence in the Supreme […]

Law Firm Bullies Go Unchecked

Bullying and lack of respect was cited as number one on a list of detrimental behaviors at law firms, according […]

Law School Death Spiral?

A deteriorated market for their graduates – and a consequent shrinking number of applicants – is a big part of […]

Law Department Staffing Trends

The survey captured information about legal department staffing trends for 2015. One-third of respondents came from departments of six to […]

Data Protection a Spending Priority for 2015

Strategic Planning for Information Governance Spending on information governance will increase in 2015, according to a TGC survey of in-house […]

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