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What In-House Counsel Should Know About Immigration Law

H1B visa for specialty workers

From time to time, in-house counsel must wrangle with a visa issue, whether how to continue to legally employ a talented U.S. university graduate […]

Let’s Fix Rule 702

fix gears

In the Fall of 2004, I was arguing a case before typically stern Judge Frank Easterbrook in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the […]

Once In a Blue Moon Privilege Ruling

once in a blue moon

The idiom “once in a blue moon” refers to something that happens rarely, of course, and derives from the real-life phenomenon of a second […]

The Eye of the Storm: Legal Analytics In Corporate Legal Departments

Trellis, Legal Analytics AI

Another hurricane season. It came, and then it left, clearing a path of destruction across the Southern United States. Insurance carriers in these climates […]

Criteria to Guide the Use of Section 2 of the Sherman Act

business man chained and weighed down by anvil

In spring 2022, officials in the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced their intention to revive the practice of bringing criminal […]

The Time Is Now for Law Firms to Optimize Document Review

Law Firms Optimize Document Review bar graph by Exterro

Anyone who has spent time managing e-discovery projects knows document review is the most expensive phase of the process. They also know that just […]

Nebula Partner Spotlight: BlueBear Solutions

ediscovery software, electronic discovery software

The Nebula Partner Program at KLDiscovery empowers professional services organizations in the legal industry to expand their operations and serve clients at any scale. […]

How Legal Operations Can Work With General Counsel: An Interview With Ken Crutchfield

Interview with Ken Crutchfield of Wolters Kluwer

These days, the C-Suite is expecting more of legal departments, asking them to contribute to the mission and vision of the company, the same […]

Planning for the General Counsel’s Departure

business person walking on road

For many general counsel, succession planning is either a low priority or is unnecessary. However, the point of a succession plan isn’t just about […]

I Need Contract Management Software…But How Do I Convince My Boss?

presenting data with help of software

So…your expertise leads you to discover the value of contract management software. That’s great! However, the odds are that your boss or your company’s […]