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insurance policy

Insurance Coverage for Email Scams

A genuine looking email is sent to a company’s accounts payable department with instructions from its president to pay money to a certain account. […]

courtroom in hell

Trying a Case In a Judicial Hellhole

For anyone whose practice focuses on mass torts or a national counsel practice, litigating in a judicial hellhole is not uncommon. I finished 2022 […]

remote employee

Remote Employees and Patent Venue

Patent owners, accused infringers, and patent litigators spend a surprising amount of time thinking about and litigating venue. A wave of non-practicing entity cases […]

courthouse columns

Ask the Court If You Want Confidentiality

Abraham Lincoln’s wisdom revealed itself in a variety of spheres, ranging from the adversities associated with frontier life to challenges in stitching a divided […]

blueprint of idea concept

A Playbook for Cost-Effective Patent Prosecution and Portfolio Management

Introduction Whether a result of financial performance, a cyclical market downturn or a global crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic, at some point, every […]

businessperson looking at phone

The Common Interest Privilege May Not Be Common Knowledge

The attorney-client privilege offers strong protection from public disclosure of confidential communications regarding legal advice. But, any disclosure to a third party can waive […]

copyright symbol

The Paradox of Executive Behaviors in Content Sharing and Copyright

From research to medical communications to legal to marketing, sharing content with colleagues across job roles and departments is critical. Employees in all job […]

fix prices

The Exchange of Information: Per Se or Rule of Reason?

Recently, I attended the ABA Antitrust Section’s Spring Meeting in Washington. One of the hot topics of discussion was the exchange of information. Earlier […]

businessman pulling down white curtain covering old dark brick

Managing Risks of Veil Piercing Liability

Legal personhood of corporate entities is a fundamental tenet of doing business. Legal personhood is also critical to allowing businesses and investors to manage […]

person being held by strings like a puppet

Questioning an Independent Director’s Independence

Historically, when courts reviewed the independence of a company’s outside directors they have focused upon the business relationships and economic links between the director […]