Two inspectors, hearing orange hard hats and yellow vests, are seen looking into a large pipe, viewed from inside the pipe.

Union Reps Can Accompany OSHA Inspectors Under Proposed Rule

The proposed rule revives a policy that had been squelched under Trump in 2017, and would allow “outsiders” to accompany OSHA inspectors during site […]

Illustration close-up of a person signing a document on a tablet computer.

Finessing Contracts When Supply Chains Are Precarious

Sales documents are often as close as there is to a contract between buyers and sellers. A post from law firm Foley & Lardner […]

Cartoon-like illustratin of circle of fingers pointing to a frowny-face in the middle.

When A Corporate Officer Can Be Personally Liable For Unpaid Wages

An appellate court in California has held that a corporate officer, in this case a woman who was both CEO and CFO of a […]