Litigation Analytics: An Advantage for In-House Counsel

When a contract dispute arises, in-house attorneys are often tasked with deciding whether litigation is worth the time, cost and human resources to take […]

Small Business Reorganization Act Is a Valuable Alternative

The Small Business Reorganization Act (SBRA) of 2019 will become effective in February 2020. It is designed to foster successful restructurings of small businesses. […]

Corporate Investigations: What a New Survey Tells Us

In a recent survey of more than 315 corporate professionals conducted by H5 and Above the Law, 63 percent believe that investigations will increase […]

Four Questions to Answer About New Privacy Regulations

The United States is introducing new privacy laws that apply to businesses that collect and store consumer and employees’ personal data. The California Consumer […]

A Trade Secret Wake-Up Call

Anthony Levandowski was the co-founder and technical leader of Google’s Waymo project, which produced Google’s self-driving car. A U.S. federal grand jury in California […]

Maryland a Leader In Embracing Blockchain Technology

In April 2019, Governor Hogan signed a bill providing explicit statutory authority for Maryland companies to use electronic networks or databases, including distributed ledgers […]

Eleventh Circuit Decision Will Impact FCA Healthcare Investigations

The Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit issued its much-awaited decision in United States v. AseraCare, Inc., debunking the government’s flawed theory that […]

Strengthen Digital Strategy in the Public Sector

Data protection regulation such as the GDPR has exploded, while at the same time data protection has suffered. The abundance of data protection lulls […]

Creating a Healthy Cybersecurity Framework

Cybersecurity in its simplest form is the protection of digital information from compromise through use of electronic systems and protocols to prevent loss or […]

Cybersecurity and Trade Secret Protection

Cybersecurity is a major concern for multiple functions of a company, as well as for compliance with regulatory requirements. IT groups take the lead […]