Trump Park Ave Says Saudi Prince Skipped Out On Rent

By on April 5, 2018

April 5, 2018

A Saudi prince owes almost $2 million in back rent, according to Trump Park Avenue LLC, in a suit filed in New York state court in Manhattan. The lawsuit also claims the prince owes an additional nearly $2 million to cover rent that he’s contracted for through June of 2019. The time line, according to the plaintiff, goes back to 2013, when it first rented “Penthouse 21″ to Prince Faisal bin Abdul Majeed al-Saud, who then, in June 2014, agreed to extend the lease through June of 2019, but quit paying rent around January of 2017. Attorneys for the prince maintain the deal was undone in December of 2017, when Trump Park Ave accepted the keys, took the $200K damage deposit, and failed to tell the prince he was in default. They want the case dismissed, and they have requested an April 27th court hearing.

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