Compliance » Two Most-Used Pesticides Will Undergo EPA Scrutiny

Two Most-Used Pesticides Will Undergo EPA Scrutiny


July 7, 2015

In what it calls a major win for environmentalists, Courthouse News Service reports that the EPA has settled with the Center for Biological Diversity with an agreement to analyze the effects of four common pesticides on endangered species. The four include glyphosate and atrazine, the two that are the most widely-used in the United States. Glyphosate, number one, is the main ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, its use has nearly eradicated milkweed, which is the primary food for monarch butterflies, whose numbers are said to have dropped by 90 percent since 1995. In its settlement, the EPA agreed to complete its impact study by 2020.

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