News » Updated Complaint Targets Google’s Ad-Targeting Technology

Updated Complaint Targets Google’s Ad-Targeting Technology

Seattle, USA - Aug 19, 2019: The new Google building in the south lake union area at twilight.

March 22, 2021

In an updated complaint, a group of state attorneys general included more details for its antitrust suit against Google. It was filed in response to recent privacy updates to Chrome, which provide better protection for users’ personal data, but allegedly have the additional effect of cementing Google’s market position. The filing highlights Google’s ad targeting technology. It claims that Google used its power in search, streaming video, and other markets to squash independent advertising platforms and force small businesses and media outlets to use its system. “Google’s new scheme is, in essence, to wall off the entire portion of the internet that consumers access through Google’s Chrome browser,” the complaint reads. According to the suit, Google’s plans would require advertisers to use it as a middleman and would make Google’s own advertising system far more attractive. “Google is trying to hide its true intentions behind a pretext of privacy,” says the complaint. Google counters that the new allegations are based on a misunderstanding of Chrome’s privacy features.

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