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Use Your Golden Hours and “Put the Big Rock First”


Each day everyone has two or three golden hours. A golden hour is a period of time when you are extremely productive and able to accomplish more than usual. You get more done during your golden hours than you do during the rest of the day. These are seven rules for using your golden hours to manage your time. (1) Do your priority work during your golden hours. As Steven R. Covey said, “Put in the Big Rock first.” (2) Choose your golden hour tasks before your golden hours begin. (3) Eliminate distractors and forget about multitasking. (4) Use maximizers to enhance your productivity, whatever gets you to your peak performance. (5) Give everyone on your team permission to maximize their golden hours. (6) Schedule playtime before or after your golden hours, not when you are most productive.  (7) Delete anything older than two weeks from your to-do list. Use your golden hours constructively.

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