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What “Environmental Justice” Will Mean For Companies Under The New Administration

Environmental law symbol as an industrial smoke stack shaped as a justice scale as a metaphor for pollution regulations and clean air legislation with 3D illustration elements.

December 11, 2020

Environmental Justice, long a refrain among many Democrats, is likely to translate into concrete policy under a Biden administration, most likely by Congress if the Democrats take the Senate, and otherwise by way of executive actions. A document posted on the transition team website says the administration will ensure that “environmental justice is a key consideration in where, how, and with whom we build – creating good, union, middle-class jobs in communities left behind, righting wrongs in communities that bear the brunt of pollution, and lifting up the best ideas from across our great nation – rural, urban, and tribal.” A post from the Hunton law firm looks in detail at what that’s likely to mean, in particular for companies that will be seeking project permits, and what they can do to prepare for it. Among the new administration’s stated promises is an Environmental and Climate Justice Division at DOJ, as part of a wider restructuring of federal agencies and offices that have jurisdiction over environmental justice issues. Companies can expect increased focus on facilities and projects in minority and low-income communities.

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