Who Is Reading Your Email Exchanges With Your Client?

By on December 3, 2018

December 3, 2018

The vast majority of attorneys, more than 90 percent, routinely send confidential information over email, most frequently over Gmail. These are subject to all the hacks, leaks, and security breaches that non- attorneys experience, with the additional concern of client confidentiality. An article at the Filevine site explores how lawyers can protect themselves and their clients. Gmail presents the thorniest problems because of its automatic scanning, which was until recently used to create targeted ads. Filevine’s suggestions: Look at Google’s Security Checkup to see if you’re giving your information to any outside apps. If so, be sure to restrict the setting and withdraw permission. Unfortunately, if your client uses add-on apps, communication could be accessed from that side. Follow the ABA’s recommendation to encrypt particularly sensitive information. Use a case management system for confidential communication needs. Stay updated, including doing research on the latest security breaches and hacks. Remember, attorneys’ ethical obligations require a mindful consideration of email, and a willingness to forego the service in favor of more secure options.
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