Who’s Indefensible, Harvey Weinstein or Harvard University?

By on May 15, 2019

May 15, 2019

An article in The Atlantic takes Harvard to task for a “shameful capitulation to popular passions” when it bowed to student demands and removed law professor Ronald Sullivan from his position as faculty dean. Sullivan has been taking heat for his decision to join alleged serial rapist Harvey Weinstein’s legal team. Sullivan, an African American, has had a long and successful record of working pro bono to free innocent inmates who lack resources from prison. According to the Atlantic article, “Harvard administrators were warned about the unavoidable conflict between upholding the norm that legal representation for the most reviled is a service to the community, not a transgression against it, and giving in to the demands of the undergraduates most aggrieved by their faculty dean’s choice of clients. And rather than infer a responsibility of the extremely privileged to uphold civic norms for the benefit of those in society who most need them, this institution, which purports to educate future leaders, chose to prioritize transient discomfort felt by its most aggrieved students.” Sullivan has also resigned from Weinstein’s defense team.
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The Atlantic

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