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Worker Bill Of Rights In SF, Effective July 3


June 23, 2015

San Francisco’s new “Formula Retail Workers Bill of Rights” becomes effective July 3. It sets out numerous requirements, notably with regard to  scheduling and work hours, for “formula retail employers” (chain stores, as defined in the ordinance) in the city. Under the new law, these businesses, among other things, will need to provide their employees with two weeks’ notice of schedules and advance notice of schedule changes, on-call shift pay and equal treatment for part-time employees. New hires will need to be provided with their expected minimum number of scheduled shifts per month and the days and hours of those shifts. In addition, notes this post from Duane Morris, businesses “that supply janitorial and security services to formula retail establishments (i.e., ‘property service contractors’) are direct targets of the law. Formula retail establishments are required to provide notice and take certain action with respect to these property service contractors, regardless of the size of those businesses.” This bill of rights is a first, but similar legislation is under consideration in New York, Washington, D.C., Minnesota, Delaware and Michigan.

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